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A new electric company

Big power companies have always had a stranglehold on your utility bill, but not anymore. Recent legislation has now made it possible for you to choose your energy provider. Under new laws being passed in your area, the energy industry had been deregulated, so that those big old energy companies can no longer take advantage of the virtual monopoly they had before.

Your choice of energy companies

Now that energy has been deregulated and you have the power to choose your electric utility company, electric utilities all over the state will be competing for your business. But how can you know which energy company is best for you? How do you know which has the lowest prices? And which one can provide you with the type of energy service you need?

Compare power companies

With our new service, you can get the best information on any electric company in your area and compare rates between power companies who are now competing with one another for your service. This means lower electric utilities for you as well as a wider selection of providers. But with all these new choices it can be hard to figure out what you should do. That's why we'll help you compare prices and rates from all the energy companies in your area, to help you make the best choice about your power bill.

Get the most out of your utility company

Not only do you have the choice of which electric company to use but you also have the ability to find out where your power is coming from. If you want a provider who is investing in renewable energies, we can help give you company names and rates for a greener world. Call today to find out how.