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    Alternative sources of energy (also called clean, green, and renewable energy) provide sustainable power without damaging the environment or depleting resources. Learn more about this exciting field by calling our clean energy experts today.

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Clean Energy

Now that many states have deregulated energy production, there are a number of power companies that are vying for your service. With this new competition in a previously restricted market, comes the ability for power companies to differentiate themselves to consumers. The first way to do this is by price?offering lower rates or better services packages. The other way to is to give consumers a choice as to where their energy comes from, like solar energy, wind energy, hydro power, and more. For educated consumers these are important differentiations and some are willing to pay a higher rate knowing that their energy is coming from an eco-friendly and renewable source.

Solar Energy

Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun and converts it to electricity to power your home. Of course, you could mount solar panels on the roof of your home, but they are very expensive. Instead, you could choose to get your power from an electric company that uses solar energy for at least a fraction of its energy output.

Wind Energy

Wind energy has been around for a long time. For thousands of years, people have been harnessing wind power in windmills. Now you have the opportunity to do the same. Modern wind turbines and wind farms can produce large amounts of energy for your family home. And now you have the choice to support companies that have incorporated wind energy into their energy production.

Hydro Power

Hydro power harnesses the power of water, using dams and large water turbines. This is yet another renewable source of energy that you can use to power your home when you have a choice of energy providers at your fingertips. If you're interested in finding out more about powering your home from eco-friendly sources, call us today.